The Best Light Bulb Moment

wLED light technology has been popping everywhere nowadays. What’s great about this technology is the lifespan which lasts up to 20 years for those that have 5 watts or fewer. Compared to conventional light bulbs which are above 50 watts, LED lights only make use of 10% of the energy that fluorescent and incandescent lights consume.

LED stands for light-emitting diodes which are the main source of light. LED has a longer life and higher energy efficiency, which makes it a little costly to produce as compared to the typical fluorescent and incandescent lamps. But what LED manufacturers and producers always highlight is how the LED produces as much lumen as conventional light bulbs but with lower wattage. Lumens are what manufacturers and producers use to measure the output of brightness. This means that LED bulbs can be as bright as or even be brighter than fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs but because it uses less wattage, it requires less energy.

Lower maintenance is required for LED light since it is enclosed in a plastic lens. Conventional bulbs are usually enclosed in glass or tubes made of glass. And since LED does not make use of mercury or other toxic chemicals, it is safer for the environment, too.

Also, UV rays which are usually found in halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent lights are not found in LED lights which make it a safer option since they will not cause the furnishings and coverings to fade. Because LED lights do not use infrared radiation, they do not create too much heat and are cool to the touch when they are in use.

LED lights can illuminate any size space. There are different types of light bulbs which can be used in different parts of the house. For instance, yellow lights, which are usually dimmer, are better for bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. There are soft white bulbs too which are perfect for the kitchen, living rooms or dining areas where a much brighter ambiance is preferred. But LED lights are not just used in households. There are traffic lights, flashlights, and even holiday lights which are beginning to make use of LED technology.

LED lights are becoming widely available nowadays and even big electrical and appliance companies are starting to make use of this brilliant technological advancement. One of the biggest corporations, Toshiba has also joined in the ball game. Toshiba LED bulbs are now available in the market and the consumers who have tried their product are very pleased with their purchase.